by Ashley Anthony


Last month our family had the opportunity to receive a Be Kids Mobile, Be Box. When the box arrived I was very excited, and my expectations were exceeded upon opening it! Inside we found five weeks of Family devotionals, 30 printed lunch box notes, a memory verse game for week one, a family New Year celebration kit, a set of four DIY party hats, a DIY family time capsule, and a family challenge. The theme for the month of January was BE: MOTIVATED!  All the items were bright and colorful, and it was very exciting to have all these fun things ready to go for our family!

The family devotionals were probably my favorite part.  They were very well organized, specific and easy to use.  Each week is printed on one page, this made it very easy to not fumble around with lots of papers.  Everything was very clearly written out including the vision for the week, how to schedule everything into our routine, a memory verse for the week, conversation starters, application activities, and a planned out family devotional time for five days. My kids are eight, six, and four years old, and I thought that each devotion could be applied easily to their levels.

My kids were really excited about the DIY projects including our family time capsule, which was a small wooden box that included paint for them to decorate.  In the box we included written out memories of 2014 and our word from 2014—“joy.”  We also included our word and family verse for 2015—“abide.”  The kids had a great time making their party hats, blowing the party horns, and popping the confetti poppers that were also included! Another sweet treat was the “midnight kisses” (Hershey Kisses) for everyone!

The memory verse game was another good way to reinforce the verse from week one.  The verse was cut into separate words and in a ziplock bag for easy storage. My kids loved getting the mixed up words and putting them in order.  My older two could do this one on their on, but it was also fun for my son, who is four, as we recognized the beginning letters of the words to place the words in order.

We all enjoyed the lunchbox notes! I loved choosing the ones to put into their bags, and the kids were always gracious about telling me how much they liked these throughout the week. Some of them were used to encourage my kids on a personal level, while some of the notes encouraged them to love others, and others were super special including a coupon for an ice cream date after school!

As a busy parent who wants to disciple her children in the way of the Lord, I know I don’t have all the time in the world to put into making a lesson plan each week.  Be Kids Mobile has taken the planning part on and given the parent wonderful tools that are easy to use to teach and disciple their kids. Our family would highly recommend a Be Box for busy families.  Everything was perfectly organized and simple to use. The devotions, themes, and memory verses were right on point and Biblically sound.

I love their mission statement: “Partnering with the collective church to raise up the future generation of leaders in our community and around the world by cultivating character and confidence in Christ. To teach children to walk in the light of the truth, be rooted deeply in love, encourage each other, embrace their individuality, and to seek Gods will above all else.

You can check out the Be Kids Mobile website at, and you can also find Be Kids Mobile on Instagram here.  Thank you to the ladies behind the Be Box for allowing my family the opportunity to experience one of your wonderful boxes.  We look forward to ordering one again!

Ashley Anthony

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