By Leslie Hollowell

“Blessed are those who have learned to praise you, who walk in light of your presence, O Lord.” Psalm 89:15

I remember sitting with a friend one evening when I was completely overwhelmed with life. I had my calendar filled with a million different things and was only half-heartedly doing many of those things. My friend very pointedly, yet graciously, reminded me that Jesus came to do the work of His Father, and although He could have healed every sick person and raised every dead person and fed every hungry person, He brought glory to God on earth by finishing the work God had given Him to do (John 17:4).

In the world we live in today, it’s so easy to look around and begin to compare ourselves with what everyone else is doing. Honestly, sometimes I sit in guilt instead of grace, wishing I had more time or energy to accomplish a lot more. I’m seeking daily to learn to throw off the things that hinder me- the guilt, the comparing, the fear- and truly seek to walk in light of His presence in my everyday moments without continually feeling the need to fill up my calendar! (Please note: this is a work in progress.)

This season of life as an older mom with a first grader has me worn out a bit. I’ve had to learn that even though I’m not as involved as I used to be with many things that are dear to my heart, my job is to love my husband well, to teach my son about Jesus, and to live my life in light of making God known to others in my everyday moments.

Those everyday moments might be meeting a friend for coffee, or taking a meal to a mom who just had a baby, or hanging out with some young adult single girls for lunch. I’ve personally had to intentionally NOT fill up my calendar, in order that I would choose to be more attentive to the sweet God moments in my day.

Psalm 89:15 says, “Blessed are those who have learned to praise you, who walk in light of Your Presence, O Lord.”

This has been my life verse in this season of life. It has been my reminder daily to seek to learn to praise Him in the everyday moments and truly to walk in light of His presence.

When I think about the life of Jesus, I realize that He truly took advantage of the everyday moments.

  • He stopped and talked to the woman at the well and shared mercy and love and grace with her (John 4)
  • He stopped and talked to Zacchaeus and once again showed grace and mercy and went to his house to eat (Luke 19)
  • He stopped and had a meal with Martha and Mary and shared truth about what’s important in life (Luke 10)

Scripture continually reminds us that everyday moments mattered to Jesus. Oh, how I need those reminders.

I want the morning drive to school to matter. I want the quiet nights at home to matter. I want to live my life in His Presence knowing that my everyday moments of laundry and carpool and grocery shopping and bath time and homework, all truly matter to the Lord.

Sweet momma, don’t let the enemy steal your joy in thinking that everyday moments don’t matter. Embrace them and praise Him and walk in the light of His presence, knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of your sweet family and the people God places in your path. Press on friend, seeking to throw off anything that hinders you in order to embrace your everyday moments!

Leslie Hollowell

Leslie is an Alabama girl who now lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her husband, Ronnie, and their son, Hudson. Leslie considers being a wife and mommy the best job ever having married her husband at 38-years-old and birthing their son at 42-years-old. She is a former elementary school teacher and eventually made her way toward full-time Christian ministry as a girls ministry leader in her church. She is the founder of Beyond the Eye Girls Ministry and travels to speak to local churches leading one-day girls’ conferences. She has a heart for discipleship, mentoring, teaching, and encouraging young women to follow after God with all their hearts.

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