by Leslie Hollowell

Intentional Dates with Jesus

A few weeks ago I helped out with Vacation Bible School. It was such a fun time and truly a blessing.

The unfortunate part for me was that my husband worked 2nd shift and as I was coming in the door from VBS, he was heading out the door to go to work. I gave him a quick hug and kiss and off he went.

Since he didn’t get home until about 11:00 PM each night, we rarely saw each other all week and had no more than a five-minute conversation each day.

By Friday night, I was exhausted and missing my husband. I knew it was time for a date night. I called a friend to see if she could keep our son the next night and she graciously said yes.

We chose to drop our son off and actually go back home, grill out and enjoy the time alone on our patio catching up. It was time together that we both needed.

The interesting thing is, I knew that my husband didn’t love me any less or he wasn’t upset with me because of the time we hadn’t spent together, but that he just desired to spend time with me catching up and sharing his heart also.

Marriage has taught me a lot about my relationship with the Lord and His love for me.

Some days with family needs and jobs and so many other “good” things vying for our time, we don’t always have the amount of time to spend with the Lord that we would like. The Lord doesn’t love us any less because we didn’t spend quality time with Him, but He loves us so much he misses that time with us.

This reminded me of something I did years ago in my single years.

Every Tuesday night I was privileged to teach a bible study at my home with high school and college students. I worked full time as a teacher and realized that I had to “make time” to study for this bible study, thus, I chose to make every Monday night what I called a “Date Night with the Lord.”

I turned off the TV, phone, and any other distractions and sat for hours with my Bible, concordance, commentaries, and a legal pad to take notes. I cannot tell you the impact this time with The Lord had on my life.

Some weeks during my date night, I would read and study from a certain book of the Bible. Other weeks I would do a word study and see what all God’s Word had to say about a certain subject, such as forgiveness, bitterness, trust, or purpose. I found the more I was in God’s Word, the more I hungered for God’s Word.

Some nights I spent time praying and sharing my heart with the Lord through journaling, and was able to lay many requests at His feet. This time with the Lord was invaluable.

As I began to think about the several years I made my Monday nights a “Date Night with the Lord,” I was challenged in my heart to strive to set aside a few hours each week again. I’ve often hired baby sitters so I could go shopping or go get my nails done or to go for coffee with a friend, so why not hire one with nothing on my agenda but to spend time with Jesus?

This past week I actually did that. I had someone watch my son, while I took my Bible, journal, and prayer notebook and found a back corner in Cracker Barrel and just spent some quality time in the Word. I cannot tell you how refreshing that date with the Lord was.

My Challenge for you is the same!

Take time to go on Dates with Jesus. Try to find time to spend two or three hours together with Him to hear His heart from His Word and to share your heart with Him.

Find a quiet place at your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or quiet place in the park and be intentional about this date!

I love Acts 4:13 which says,

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and they realized they were unschooled, ordinary men they were astonished and they took note, they had been with Jesus.”

I love that they were “unschooled, ordinary men” but notes were taken that “they had been with Jesus.”

May our families and those around us see our courage as Christian wives and moms and “take note” that our difference is the time we spend with Jesus!

Leslie Hollowell


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