by Alli Hill


Motherhood is a mysterious venture. How such tiny humans are capable of extracting so many different emotions from me, I will never understand. Some days, both of my babies are napping at the same time and I feel as if I have conquered the world! On the harmonious days of motherhood, I’m tempted to go outside and test my Cinderella skills on the animals, because I have “had courage and been kind” ALL DAY! On the trying days of motherhood, I just want to hide under the covers until my husband comes home from work.

Yet even on the difficult days, as soon as a toe is stumped or a knee scraped, I want to be there kissing the boo-boos and wiping away the tears. I want to love my children well and raise them up to love Christ and their fellow man. I desire to do a good job, yet I cannot be everything my children need by myself. The truth is, without Christ’s love pouring from me onto my babies, I cannot love them well even on the best days of motherhood.

In order to be a faithful mother, I have to be a faithful follower of Christ. 

With the celebration of Easter this Sunday, I am reminded of those faithful few who were stationed at the foot of the cross. Those who showed devotion to their Savior and friend, and the one who was there watching her son die. Having given birth to two children I can’t imagine the agony Mary must have experienced. How do you process your 33-year-old son hanging on the cross and bearing the sins of all mankind? The same woman who carried him for nine long months as an engaged teenager, gave birth in a stable and heard his first gasps for air. This same woman was there at the foot of the cross as he breathed his last. What sorrow Mary felt on Calvary, yet what JOY she had on that beautiful third day!

Christ’s atonement for our sins and his resurrection from the dead enable us to live obediently and to enjoy the presence of our God through eternal life. Not only did Christ bear our sins and make a way for us to have communion with the Father, but he also sent us his Holy Spirit to be our helper. What wondrous love is this!

As believers, our risen Savior gives us reason for rejoicing. As mother’s, our risen Savior gives us the ability for faithfulness and obedience. 

By seeking the Lord in my own life, I am able to show Christ’s love to my family. Christ’s love knows no bounds and is able to endure the difficult days, as well as the wonderful days, of motherhood.

I want to live my days of motherhood at the foot of the cross. Humbly bowing before my Savior each day, reflecting upon his sacrificial love, and allowing that same love to flow through me as I seek to show my children the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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