by Jean Stockdale

Minority woman with her children fighting in the background

As a mom, your patience will be tried all day, every day. The very nature of a child makes him or her demanding, self-centered, and challenging. This volatile situation escalates if you give into the downward pull of your flesh and become demanding, self-centered, and challenging too! That is like throwing gasoline on an open flame. It ignites and explodes, burning and scorching everything in the immediate area! Mom, remember Paul’s admonition to Timothy. We are not to be quarrelsome, but rather we should be kind, gentle, and extremely patient—especially with these little people (2 Tim. 2:24-25).

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit (See Gal. 5:22-23) and is the result of obedience to the Word of God and dependence on the Spirit of God. The more effort and energy we invest in the study of the Word and other disciplines of devotion, the more likely we will be able to die to self and live to Christ.

We live in an impatient culture that has become a slave to immediate gratification. Cell phones, text messages, the internet, and a host of other technological advances have served to create intolerance and impatience. Cell phones allow us to make a phone call anytime and anywhere. The internet has put a world of information at our fingertips. Don’t misunderstand me. I am a regular internet user. I am able to study, write, and even teach online. However, I fear this technology allows us to exchange information without building relationships. I especially resent having to listen to everyone’s extended one-sided conversation in public places. I have had my solitude shattered at my favorite coffee house by a woman sitting next to me, using her cell phone, and carrying on a lengthy conversation. I have been in the dressing room where I discovered that a full-length mirror is not my friend—forced to endure a loud private conversation by “Miss Size Six” in the dressing room next to me. I have even been in the ladies’ room and been regaled by a lively cell phone conversation in the stall next to me!

Technology is a great thing, and we can all benefit greatly from much of it. But many moms are missing choice opportunities to talk with their children because they are catching up with a myriad of folk by using their cell phones to multi-task while driving car pool or waiting in line or sitting in restaurants. Moms, beware. Don’t let your family relationships become casualty of technological advances.

Beware of the culture in which we live. Our world is moving at warp speed and driven by self-gratification. If you are not living intentionally for the glory of God you may miss divine appointments or holy opportunities with your children. While we live in this world, we are not to be of this world (See John 17:13-21). We are to be noticeably different. God’s people are not to be quarrelsome, but kind and patient especially when wronged (See 2 Tim. 2:24).

Moms, slow your world down. Learn patience. Cultivate a friendly home environment that promotes a healthy exchange of lively dialogue. Make your home a safe haven for your husband and children. Fill your home with love and laughter. Make Jesus Lord of your life and of your home. 

This is an except from Jean Stockdale’s book “Run Well. Finish Strong.” For more information about this book or Jean’s ministry to MOMS check out

Jean Stockdale

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