I am so excited to officially launch the Missional Motherhood blog! What started as a simple idea has turned into a collaborative effort among 26 incredible, godly, and uniquely gifted women to truly encourage and equip mothers of all stages to know God and make Him known in their homes. Click on the “About” page to find out more! As we publish our first official post leading into this special Mother’s Day weekend, I could think of no one better to do the honors than my own sweet mother, Donna Gaines. She has embodied the idea of “missional motherhood” from the start, and is my most valued example as I strive to raise the sweet children God has blessed me with. I couldn’t help but post the picture of myself with my mother, maternal grandmother, and first daughter taken on my first Mother’s Day in 2011! What an incredible adventure the gift of motherhood is. Please join us as we embark together on this journey of Missional Motherhood! – Lindsey Wingo


Welcome to Missional Motherhood. Our desire is to encourage you and equip you for the great task with which God has entrusted you – motherhood. We truly do raise them up to send them out. So how do we rise above the blur of activity into which our culture seems to drag us? How can we savor each moment and slow down enough to celebrate each day. How can we grasp the wonder of each life, created in the image of God, in the midst of our over-committed and over-indulged culture?

This blog is designed to help you navigate this high calling with greater confidence. We have a variety of writers from all stages of mothering and with varying numbers of children – biological and adopted. Click on the drop-down menu labeled “Contributors” to find out more about these amazing women. We encourage you to subscribe to the blog, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and join our community of women seeking to honor God above all else in the very real mission of motherhood.

My husband likes to remind young mothers that the days are long, but the years are short. With our four children grown and now having children of their own, we can express this with the certain knowledge that only experience brings. There were times when we were raising our children I wanted to freeze a moment; when I was more aware than usual I would never have that particular moment again. Those moments were most often around our dinner table where talk of our day or teasing and laughter lifted me above the usual and I would almost catch my breath at the wonder of motherhood. I would look into the faces of those I loved around the table and marvel that God had allowed me to help shape these magnificent creations of His.

But I also remember those days I was too weary to function after being up with a sick child or a new baby. I would trudge into the kitchen, where dishes from the night before greeted me as I tried to clear a space for breakfast and school lunches, only to hear one of my children gasp as they remembered they were supposed to bring cupcakes for the school party. You know those days. We have all had them on occasion. So how do we treasure, instead of dread, the daily?

The only way to rise above the mundane is to live from an eternal vantage point. I want to encourage you to spend time becoming the woman God has called you to be so you can imprint a love for Him into the hearts and minds of your children (Deut. 6:4-9). Set aside a specific time and place to daily meet with Jesus in His Word and in prayer. He is the only One Who can give you insight into your children, to help you see who He has created them to be, so you can train them in the way they are to go. We cannot pass on what we do not possess. May you live in such a way that even if your children run from God, they will never be able to deny His existence because of what they have seen in your life.

My youngest daughter, who is getting married this summer, wrote a beautiful blog for Mother’s Day. She so beautifully expressed thanks for all the things I have done for her through the years. But, her conclusion about what was most important really brings it all together. It is the same thing Jesus commended Mary for choosing – Him! He is the “one thing” no one will ever be able to take away from you. Sitting at His feet in His Word and prayer changes who you are. He molds you into the woman He has created you to be as you accurately reflect Him to your family and a lost world.

These are the words of our youngest daughter from her blog, Struggle to Surrender:

“It all came to me a few years ago when we went to ECS (a private Christian school in Memphis, TN) to share with the 5th grade girls and their moms. I was supposed to address the girls about how to be a good friend through middle school and high school. At the end, I was supposed to address the moms about what was important to do for their girls during their school years. I immediately had to choke back tears I was not expecting to come. I stared at the moms of these precious 5th grade girls, and all I could get out was, ‘Your daughter’s greatest need from you is for you to just love Jesus.’ I choked out some more things but had to sit down before I lost it; because as I think back to your impact on my life, I really do appreciate all of the things you have done and do for me. But, the way you love Jesus has impacted me the very most.”

So, for this Mother’s Day – choose Jesus! Rearrange your schedule; do whatever it takes. He is your greatest need and your family’s greatest desire. Choose Him, and He will help you in every other area (Mt. 6:33). Join us as we lock arms with each other in this great adventure of motherhood, celebrating and learning together. After all, women are relational and everything is much more fun with friends!

Donna Gaines


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