What I Want for My Daughter

What I Want for My Daughter

As much as I’d like to shield my child from all trouble and sorrows—the truth is that she will face troubles. As she faces troubles and heartaches, I want her to remember that Christ is her Rescuer. Her Redeemer. She will be OK because He has already won.

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The Face-Plant Gospel

If I am meeting a new group of people and have particular interest in becoming friends with those new people, there is a 110 percent chance that I will inadvertently humiliate myself. It happens with such stunning regularity that I’ve come to expect it,...

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

I had lunch with some young moms not long ago and enjoyed watching how they interacted with their children. But one mother stood out from the rest. She couldn’t enjoy her meal because her child demanded all of her attention. After lunch, she couldn’t enter...

Do You Really Love Your Kids?

By Angie Wilson Did you gasp as you read the title? Did you stop in your tracks and emphatically respond, “Well, of course I love my children!” Reflect on your week…or maybe even your last five minutes. Disobedience. Messy rooms. Bad attitudes. Incomplete...

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