What I Want for My Daughter

What I Want for My Daughter

As much as I’d like to shield my child from all trouble and sorrows—the truth is that she will face troubles. As she faces troubles and heartaches, I want her to remember that Christ is her Rescuer. Her Redeemer. She will be OK because He has already won.

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Fighting Fear

“I see the gestation sack and the fetal pole but no heart beat. Don’t worry, it’s just too early to tell. Let’s make an appointment for you next week, and I’m sure we’ll be able to see it then.” “Don’t worry.” Two words that you can tell a brand new mother...

Parenting When Heaven is Silent

These past few months of transition (yet again---fourth move in five years) to a new city, state, and home brought expected and unexpected turns. I expected the search for a new faith family would take time. I expected to have to show grace to my kids...

Treasures of Snow

The Bible says that God uses His creation to reveal Himself to us. Romans 1 says, “Through everything God made, they can clearly see His invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature.”

I want to see His invisible qualities!

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