My husband and I have three little ladies under the age of four. If you are like us, your child’s future spouse is probably somewhere playing in the dirt, wearing a diaper, drinking a sippy cup,  and sporting a nap-time cow lick with a 7:45 bed time. It’s crazy to think that one day our little babies will be husbands or wives, but it’s true! We’ve heard it a thousand times from the well-meaning ladies at church or in the grocery store, “Don’t blink. They will be grown and gone before you know it.”

Am I right?

To say that we want the absolute best for our girls would be a huge understatement. We want nothing less than God’s best in every area, especially for the men that our three will one day marry. My husband and I have already started talking to our oldest daughter about how one day she and her daddy will work together to find the man God has for her. She then goes back and forth from telling us “I’m never leaving you and I don’t want to get married” to “I want to marry the nicest man in the whole world.”

The reason we have already begun to plant those seeds in her little heart is because we believe the person she chooses to spend her life with is the second greatest decision she will ever make. First, of course, being her decision to choose Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

There are many practical ways we can start preparing our kids for this future shaping choice, but today I want to talk about the greatest tool we as moms have: Prayer! Y’all, some things will only happen when we commit them to prayer. I have seen this played out in my own life and the life of my family.

My parents, who are amazing prayer warriors, have been such great examples of this principle. They have prayed and prayed for me and my brothers (and our spouses) since before we were born, and I can guarantee you God answered their prayers in big (BIG) ways! My dad went 15 years and fasted most every Friday morning for his children and our future spouses. He knew what was at stake. He was committed to calling out to God in prayer.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am the exact opposite of a procrastinator. I try to be Mrs. Prepared. I love to get things done, check them off my mental list, pack in advance and be a step ahead of the game. Some of you can totally identify, and others are like “not so much.” Regardless of how planned or not you may be, one area where moms can not afford to procrastinate is in the fervent prayers we pray over our children’s future spouse.

As I’m sure with many of you, when I was pregnant, I would lay my hand over my growing belly and pray for the man that God was preparing for each of my little ladies. I can guarantee you, I will not stop till the day they walk down the aisle.

So let’s get to it! Are you praying for the person your children will one day marry? What are some specific prayers that you are trusting only God to complete in the life of your child and their future marriage? God loves when we pray with expectancy and when we pray specifically.

Here are 6 Prayer Points for Your Child’s Future Marriage:

  1. Pray for yourself. That you and your husband will model a genuine Godly marriage before your kids, so they can see first hand what it should look like.
  2. Pray for the heart of your child. That they will accept Jesus, cling to The Word and live their life to please God. We cannot expect them to marry a strong Christian if they themselves are not serving the Lord wholeheartedly.
  3. Pray for purity. That God gives your child uncommon strength to stay pure in both the physical and the spiritual. That they will go against the grain of our culture and stand firm as they wait for the person God is preparing for them.
  4. Pray for relationship. That you and your child are able to walk the journey together when they enter the season of dating and marriage. Pray they will be open, communicative and receptive to the Godly advice you give.
  5. Pray for the in laws. Start praying that God gives the mom and dad of your child’s future spouse wisdom to raise up a mighty man or woman of God. Also pray that they lovingly pour Biblical truths into them as they grow up into who God has created them to be.
  6. Pray for the spouse. Pray that your child’s spouse will seek first the Kingdom of God. That they will be passionate about the things of God and love other people. That they will be a hard worker, kind, compassionate, wise and will one day love your child so very much.

It’s hard to think that my little girls, who may or may not have recently used toilet water in their tea set, will soon grow up and get married, but ready or not it is going to happen!  We cannot procrastinate our prayers. Nor can we just say a couple casual prayers now and then to check it off our “be a good mom list.”

Mom, I urge you to join me as we get on our knees and plead the blood of Jesus over our children, their future spouse and their marriage. This is a prayer God will honor!

Amy Wootton

Amy is married to Jared Wootton. They have two precious little ladies, Gable Claire and Layla. Jared is a talented chiropractor in Cordova TN, and Amy stays home with the girls. Together, they are a part of the worship team at their local church. Amy absolutely loves to teach the Word of God with simplicity and conviction. As a mom, she is serious about pouring the Truth into her children, and also throwing some manners in there as well.  Amy’s desire is that her children will follow after the Lord wholeheartedly, and that God uses her to impact this world for His Kingdom!

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