“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.” Job 5:9


A dictionary or the most brilliant person can’t define them. There’s not a formula to perform one. In the Bible, we can trace many starting in Genesis to the very end of Revelation. Crowds were drawn to Jesus as He simultaneously did them on Earth. The Pharisees couldn’t handle any because they’re uncontrollable. If you haven’t guessed yet what I am talking about, it’s the one word I honestly can’t wrap my mind around- MIRACLES

This blog post will not do justice to help anyone understand the God of miracles. Miracles come in different “shapes and sizes.” And there’s no way to explain how or when they can happen. I pray what I’m about to share will somehow give others a taste of Who this God of miracles is.

Eight years ago, God spoke a specific promise regarding my desire to have children. He specifically used the story of Abraham and Sarah longing for a child. I was challenged to hold on to the promise He gave Abraham- that God would bless me with a child.

My husband Kyle and I had struggled to conceive since then. Although the promise was always in the back of my mind, God called us to adopt twice in the waiting. I’ve written posts about our sons’ special stories on Missional Motherhood: He is Able & Worth the Wait.

In the middle of adopting our two sons, we sought out wisdom from fertility doctors on why I wasn’t conceiving. I’ve been given medical results several times I pray others don’t have to experience. Those days of seeking help were some of the darkest days.

To be completely honest, I had hardened my heart against miracles several times. Maybe it was because I would see someone experience one while I was just begging the Lord year after year for my own. One thing that has been constant though is God has shown Himself faithful to my husband and me every single year. He doesn’t abandoned or remain silent towards His children.

There had been several moments when God has encouraged me to be more vulnerable to believe Him to open my womb. I didn’t want to because it was always something against what doctors said was probable. But He can make all things possible.

On Sunday August 20, 2017, my husband was preaching at our church. When he walked on stage, the screen behind him displayed the title of his sermon, “A New Season.” Something within me jumped when I read those words. God sweetly told me, “Katie, you’re pregnant.” Of course, I started crying and wanted to believe I was just talking to myself. Sure enough that afternoon and next morning, I took several pregnancy tests and read “pregnant”. My husband and I could only muster up a few words to praise God. We then made a doctor’s appointment and waited a few weeks to go for an ultrasound.

When we arrived at the doctor’s office for the appointment, a dear lady in our church family was the ultrasound technician. She knew our story and how we were longing to see a little heartbeat. What I’m about to share still leaves me speechless at times. Friends, there was not just one heartbeat on the ultrasound screen. We saw TWO Heartbeats! Oh yes, the God of miracles not only opened my womb, but also placed two babies there.

Now let me explain something to you- there’s not a hint of twins in my family nor have I been on any type of fertility medicine for years. God didn’t just fulfill a promise. He blessed us with a DOUBLE portion size miracle!

Our ultrasound technician had to completely stop because all three of us were hysterically crying and laughing over what God had done. I felt the God of Miracles’ presence hovering over us. I can only imagine how big His smile was. We prayed together and watched those two little babes on the screen with awe. I seriously was in such a state of shock that I could hardly breathe at one point. My precious doctor found out soon after that and began to cry with us and thank God. Soon enough, the whole building knew what was going on and nobody could describe what had happened other than MIRACLES

So Missional Motherhood readers, I just had twin baby boys on April 10th. Here’s a glimpse into Tucker and Lincoln’s debut into this world:

On the other side of this journey, I wish I could explain why God performs miracles at certain times and not at other times. My heart is burning to see the kind of miracles that only He gets the glory for over and over again. After studying Scripture, I have found that all we can do is ask in faith for the miracle. Miracles are just plain miracles- we can’t control them.

I want to end this post with saying a few things to my sisters in the fertility trenches:

  • God sees you right where you are. Do you believe that? Maybe someone sent this blog post to you because they desire to see God do a miracle in your family as well. It’s hard to read or hear others’ stories, isn’t it? And it’s even harder to imagine Him doing something for you. I beg you not to harden your heart during this vulnerable season. We need to hear testimonies to infuse hope and faith in us.


  • God isn’t after you doing “more works” so he will bless you with children. That’s a lie from the enemy. We won’t ever have it all together to receive the blessings He has in store.


  • People can say crazy things when someone is hurting. We all have at some point, right? They are likely coming from a place of caring, but don’t know how to use the best words to describe how they are feeling. Give them grace.


  • If there’s anything I have learned in this journey, it would be how much worth I’ve gained from fighting for my intimate relationship with God. No one on Earth can love you like Him. His Word is powerful enough to touch the deepest parts of your heart. In my past prayer times dealing with fertility, I have found asking the question “God, what do you want to do in me?” has taken a weight off of me instead of nailing Him in a corner and not praying until He gave us a baby. But be ready if you lay down your desires and seek His will. God may call you to adopt a child or open your home to foster children. Or He may simply want to open your womb in His timing. Everyone has a different story. Seek HIM first!!


To all reading this blog post longing for a miracle, I pray our Heavenly Father will sweep you off your feet and infuse hope into your weary soul today. He is not done. He IS the God of Miracles!

Katie Reno

Katie is the wife of Kyle Reno, Pastor of The Summit Church in Conway, Arkansas. She is currently a stay-at-home mom and spends most of her time with their beautiful adopted sons, Cooper and Able. Katie is passionate about encouraging other women to know and have a relationship with Jesus. She believes in this new generation of women who hunger for God's Word and desire to fully live out their purpose. Being a mom and church planter's wife has taught Katie how important it is to abide in the Lord for guidance in fulfilling her calling. She desires to walk alongside other moms and learn how to intentionally train the children God blessed them with to love Him with all of their hearts.

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