by Diane Nix


“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”  Matthew 5:6 (NASB)

It is safe to say that the Nix’s love to eat!  We are not bashful about it one bit. Meal time was always an important part of the day in the Nix household.  It was filled with much laughter and just plain craziness.

When the girls were small we didn’t need to delay dinner.  If the meal was late, then it was important to give them a small snack or we would have a full blown meltdown.  Food was a very important part of their emotional well-being.  When hunger struck, we needed a plan in place or there was not going to be laughter or craziness, but rather tears and wailing.  The physical hunger drove them to extreme emotional outbursts!

I have been struck by the fact that most of us in the U. S. are not really hungry. I’m not writing about the hunger for physical food. I know in fact, that many Americans are physically hungry at this very moment. Physical hunger has driven many to desperate measures.

I am writing and wrestling with the fact that we are generally fat on religious knowledge.

In truth, I believe my generation is religiously fat and apathetic. Apathy is a killer and causes us to want to stay in our “holy huddles”. We have allowed the enemy to help us breathe a sigh of relief that we are NOT like those sinners.  We live righteously, but we check the righteousness off a list that can become legalistically Pharisaical.

Recently, I have attended a few churches that are more concerned with the appearance they have in the community rather than the impact they have upon their community.

I’m not just looking at everyone else. I’ve been examining my own life, and I want to be hungry and thirsty for the deep spiritual things of my Abba’s heart.  I want my grown children and grandchildren to hunger for the same things.  I want to know that I encouraged and exhorted them to live a life of deep commitment to our God.

I pray they know what it looks like to dive deeply into the river of grace and mercy.

I pray they know that it takes much courage to live boldly for our Lord today.

I pray my children and grandchildren will choose to live every day for the rest of their lives hungry and thirsty for righteousness.

But how do we keep our children from becoming spiritually fat and apathetic?  I believe there are few things we can do if we desire for ourselves and our children to live with real hunger and thirst. The following list is not exhaustive. I practice them in my own life, and I pray the Lord would use them in yours.

  1. Pray, asking God to help you hunger and thirst for HIS righteousness in your personal life.
  2. Plant the Word in your heart and in the hearts of your children.
  3. Point to the Lord as the one who fights for us, winning every one of our battles.
  4. Suit up every day to do battle in the spirit realm – “…our battle is not against flesh and blood.” Eph. 6:12
  5. Know there will be times of deep intercession needed.  Go into your child’s room in the night when they sleep.  Draw off battle lines and pray like you have never prayed.
  6. Pray the Word daily over your husband and your children
  7. Be still and know that He is God. Psalm 46:10 – Remember when you are pursuing HIM you will find HIM and HE will answer and be your God.

Finally, regardless of the world in which we live, if you have children, being a missional mom is the most important job we have.  Remember the mission. Your children are not to be on the throne of your life. God alone is to hold that position, but they mirror what we value.  So if you value them above the Lord, then they will value themselves inappropriately.  The tendency will be for them to focus upon themselves first.

Keep the Lord on the throne in your life.   Let them see you hunger and thirst for HIS righteousness.  They will see your journey and one day, prayerfully, they will choose the same!

Diane Nix


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