by Jenny Stricklin

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Persistent requests are nothing new in parenthood, right?

Like many of you, I’m a mom of littles. And by that, I mean I am needed, called upon, petitioned, and questioned constantly, as are you. You’re familiar with the tune of never-ending requests aren’t you? (“Mommy, can I have…?” “Will you…?” “Please help me with…”) And they keep on asking even when there is no prospect of us giving in! Understandably so, it’s the persistence that often bears a negative connotation in our mommy minds. “Honey, don’t ask me any more!” we say and sigh.

But, in fact, those sweet little faces are onto something…

I’ve recently been reminded of how pleased the Lord is with our persistent requests.

Take a look at Luke 18:1-8. Jesus is telling his disciples a story to show them how they should pray and never give up. He tells of a widow who approaches an uncaring judge and pleads with him repeatedly for justice. He ignores her for a while, but finally says, “This woman is driving me crazy. I’m going to see to it that she gets justice because she is wearing me out with her constant requests!” Then the Lord helped the men see his implied point: Even a coldhearted judge rendered a just decision in the end; how much more would God, who is rich in mercy and overflowing with compassion, answer the pleas of His chosen people (his children!) who cry out to him day and night! “I tell you,” Jesus said, “He will grant justice to them quickly!” 

Wow! What a charge He gives us. Ask persistently, persevering in prayer! 

I’ve been thinking of persistent prayer in light of my three little boys – specifically, praying for their salvation. In fact, there are not many things we might long for more, that require as much faith and persistence, than for our child’s salvation. And while most of us are likely working on some level to instruct and train them in the way of the Lord, maybe some of you have had a similar revelation: Since it’s the Spirit of God that does the heart work, have I really pressed in persistent, believing prayer and asked God to move in their little hearts? I’m convinced that He loves our coming to Him in faith!

I was reading the autobiography of George Muller a couple of months ago, and was astonished at his life’s mission to continually ask, in faith, things he believed the Lord would be pleased to answer. Here’s one of the many things that pricked my heart, this one in regards to praying for our children:

“It appears to me that believers have expected far too little present fruit from their labors among children. They hope that the Lord will some day confirm their instruction and answer the prayers which they offer on the children’s behalf. We have to guard against thinking that it does not matter whether we see present fruit or not. On the contrary, we should give the Lord no rest until we see fruit. Therefore in persevering yet submissive prayer, we should make our requests known to God.”

And in his persistence, Muller saw hundreds of children over the years come to know Jesus inside his orphanage.

Our loving Father delights in our faithful prayers, especially so when we pray prayers that are already on His heart to answer. And even when it seems as though there is no end in sight, He WILL respond, just as described in Luke 18. We can trust these words as true!

The Lord spoke to my heart several months ago and very graciously told me to pray Isaiah 44:3b-5 in faith over my three sons. It says:

“For I will pour out My Spirit on your offspring and My blessing on your descendants; and they will spring up among the grass like poplars by springs of water. This one will say ‘I am the Lord’s’; and that one will call on the name of Jacob and another will write on his hand, ‘Belonging to the Lord’ and will name Israel’s name with honor.”

I’m taking that promise to Him often, and claiming it in faith as I eagerly wait for their salvations.

Maybe you, like me, really want good things for your children – eternal things that truly matter. Maybe you’d like to plead with God for a particular character quality you see lacking; perhaps it’s a physical or emotional need they have; maybe it’s their salvation or something related to their knowing and loving God. What would it look like to pray in faith-filled, unrelenting prayer for your sons and daughters? After all, our risen Savior, Jesus, lives even now to make intercession for US! (Hebrews 7:25)

Jenny Stricklin


*Are you persistently praying to the Father for your children? Have you yet to see the fruit from your prayers? We hope you will be encouraged by Jenny’s challenge for us to keep on asking, persevering in prayer for our families! 

*Please feel free to leave a comment below! Also, be on the lookout for an exciting, prayer-related giveaway next Monday! 

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