by Lindsey Wingo


I’ve spent many moments with the Lord over the past five-and-a-half years telling Him the truth about how I feel some days as a mother. Though I know in my head what I do day in, day out is not worthless and has much meaning, I can’t help but sense the nagging fear that I’m wasting my life away making peanut butter sandwiches and cleaning up tiny specks of play dough. But I can honestly say that just like Hagar experienced in the dessert, God has seen me and He has met with me in those moments.

As I’ve studied scripture I’ve always been drawn to the lesser known women God used for His glory. Lately I’ve been struck by one woman in particular; her name was Huldah.

Huldah is only mentioned twice in all of the Bible (two accounts of the same story), and she only takes center stage for a few verses. But her story speaks volumes to my weary heart.

Huldah lived in a time when God’s people had turned their hearts far from Him and worshiped the gods of the pagan nations surrounding them. They lacked godly leadership politically and spiritually. The temple where their ancestors had worshiped the Lord was in shambles. God’s Word had been hidden away for years unread, and consequently, disreguarded. During this time God raised up a young king who had a heart for Him in spite of his heritage. This young king’s name was Josiah. Josiah led the charge in tearing down the altars used for idol worship and cleaning out and repairing the temple. During this process the priest discovered God’s Word hidden among the rubble. When Josiah heard the Word of God read for the first time he was devastated, and he sent Hilkiah the priest to “go and enquire of the Lord” on behalf of his people.

Who did Hilkiah go to for this word from the Lord? Huldah the prophetess. Huldah tells Hilkiah God’s warning against His people who had turned their hearts from the Lord and from His Word, but she also gave a favorable word to King Josiah. After that scene Huldah is never mentioned again in scripture.

Huldah was the wife of Shallum who was the “keeper of the wardrobe.” It is reasonable to assume she was probably a seamstress herself. Her life was not glamorous, it was most likely filled with repetition and she definitely didn’t seem to be acclaimed for her daily work. But when the king needed a word from the Lord, she was the one the priest and the king’s men went to. That did not happen by chance. She must have had a reputation for her wisdom and intimacy with the Lord.

As I’ve pondered Huldah’s story in light of my life as a mother, I have come away challenged and encouraged. I’d like to share a couple of things I believe we can learn from Huldah, this woman of great faith and discernment.

1) A quiet life in the world’s eyes does not necessarily equal a quiet life in Heaven.

Some of the sweetest times I have had with the Lord in prayer have taken place in the middle of the night as I’ve been awakened by a child. I firmly believe that I can live a life of eternal significance even as I trudge through the piles of legos and laundry. God has impressed upon my heart the great need for true prayer warriors to rise up to the occasion and stand for the Lord in the spirit realm.

Moms, it’s time to pray.

It’s not time to worry. It’s not time to be anxious. It’s time to boldly pray big prayers, and ask God to give us faith that can move mountains invisible to the human eye. God can make floor moppers into prayer warriors. He can turn the endless hours of carpool into opportunities for praise. He hears the fervent prayers of his daughters even when we feel invisible and useless. He has a job for us to do and it can be done no matter what season of life we are in.

If you find yourself up at all hours of the night, pray.
If you find yourself busily doing mindless tasks, put your mind to work and pray.
If you have an hour midday free of responsibilities and demands, pray.
Even if you find yourself sitting in a hospital bed or nursing home one day and it seems like your life is over, pray.

The greatest days of heavenly impact may be at hand when we least expect it.

This isn’t legalism. This isn’t a guilt trip. This is war, and it’s time for us to engage in it.

2) God doesn’t need us to be self-promoters in the name of living a life that counts for Christ.

Huldah led a quiet life in the physical, yet she was anything but quiet in the spiritual. And when the king needed a word from the Lord, the presence of God must have been so obvious in her life, even the priest came to her rather than going to God himself. She didn’t go to the king with her opinions and ideas for how he should run things. As far as we know, she simply minded her own business, did her job, and walked closely with the Lord. The Lord elevated her in His time and in His way. He can and will do the same with any of His children who follow Him closely and commune with Him regularly.

When I need a word from the Lord for my family, I know God will speak to me as I pray and seek Him through His Word. God still speaks to His children; he speaks through His Word! May we not be like the people of Judah who lost track of the very Word of Life as it was hidden away in the temple. May we live with God’s Word ever before us and allow it to transform the way we think and live. Only then will we be ready to give a word to someone else when God gives us the opportunity. May we not elevate our own human thoughts and understanding. May we instead depend completely upon the Word of God for wisdom and dicernment.

It’s time for a new generation of Momma Bears to rise up and focus our hearts and minds on the spiritual battle at hand. It’s time to stop assessing our worth or measuring our lives by the physical standards set by the world around us. It’s time to stop listening to the lies the enemy feeds us about our lack of real impact on the world. It’s time to walk so closely with the Lord that we can be found faithfully ready to give a word from the Lord when called upon. It’s time to be like Huldah and do the work we’ve been given, all the while shaking the heavenlies with boldness in the spirit.

Moms, it’s time to pray.

*If you desire to grow in your prayer life but don’t know where to start, I’ve listed some resources below that have helped me in this endeavor:

And if you are interested in making your own Prayer Notebook, see our previous post here. We also have some free printable resources that will help you as you pray. Find them on our Free Printables page here.

Lindsey Wingo


How have you been encouraged to live a life that makes eternal impact even when the day to day doesn’t seem all that glamorous? We’d love to hear your thoughts below. And if any of our posts minister to you, we would appreciate you sharing them with a friend!

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