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Social media and the news has erupted lately with the release of undercover videos from Planned Parenthood revealing their policy on selling the body parts of aborted babies. My heart ached to read and see that this does not disturb all people and leaders in our country. Perhaps like many other fellow mothers out there, I was haunted by the sobering thought that my children are growing up in this reality. The videos from Planned Parenthood are a mere reminder that my children will grow up in a culture with beliefs and worldviews that are foundationally different and opposite to what I believe.

When exposing the evils and cruelties of the 18th century slave trade, William Wilberforce once said, You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” And so we stand now at another great threshold in our history. Great evil has been exposed. We cannot unlearn what we have learned; we cannot un-see what has been revealed. We can only choose how we will react to the reality of our children’s future.

As a mom of small children, being able to act or do anything can seem overwhelming. However, I believe that behind the marches, petitions, bills, and practices of the pro-life vs. pro-choice movement, lies two foundationally contradictory worldviews. Within these positions are opposite beliefs that feed their actions, passions, and convictions. As the mom of  young children I may not be able to make it to marches in Washington D.C., but I believe I can still make a difference. I can teach my children why life matters, why it is important, and how our beliefs can play out in our actions.

So this is my stand. I choose not just to tell my children I am pro-life, but I choose to teach them why I stand for life. I can explain to my family why we will act differently than many of their peers. I can help them show Christ’s love to hurting women. I can show them how they can stand in a fallen world. I know that in order for them to take a stand one day, they need a solid foundation—a foundation which I can help lay now, and I hope that on the day it is time for them to take their own stand, it will not fail them. I believe laying a solid foundation means explaining what it means for me to be pro-life.  

  • It means affirming that all of humanity was created in God’s image.

Genesis 1:26-27 makes a distinct point to clarify that God has wonderfully created both men and women in His full image. That means boy or girl, both are incomprehensibly and equally valued and loved by their Creator. This means we fight against atrocities like gendercide across the world. We show respect and honor to all people, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or even disability.  We may not always agree with the principals or morals of a specific person or group, but our disagreements should always still recognize and honor the innate worth and dignity that is included within the title of “human.”  

  • It means supporting and practicing being truly pro-life, not merely pro-birth.

Often within the pro-life community there are individuals who want to support and encourage a mother’s decision to carry the life within her to term, yet once the birth occurs they leave her to fend for herself. To truly be pro-life means learning to love all of life the way Christ did. It means seeking tangible ways to support foster care and adoption. It means prayerfully seeking wisdom on how you can help families who chose life, despite the challenges they may face. May we seek out opportunities to encourage and support those who need to feel the arms of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:12).

  • It means affirming that regardless of length, all life is valuable and should be cherished.

To affirm that life begins at the moment of conception requires us to recognize that all life is of value and worth. Thus we weep for the loss of life with all mothers who miscarry, regardless of how long they carried their baby. When family and close friends confide in us their grief over an early miscarriage, it means that we cherish this precious baby. It means that we are grateful to God and biblically fearful of the life He gave us. It means that our short interaction with this baby pushes us along in sanctification much more so than many of our other interactions with humans. For that we are truly thankful in the midst of our sorrow for his or her life (Job 14:17).

  • It means being pro-gospel.

Finally, and most importantly, to be truly pro-life means we recognize Jesus Christ as the true giver or life.  We could never comfort those who are grieving without the comfort of Christ’s love. We could never encourage those in need with words of life, apart from the Word who became flesh (John 1:1). To truly be pro-life, means we are pro-Jesus because we recognize that only through Him are we able to truly live life.

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Katie Fruge

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