by Katie Reno

More Adoption Stories to be Told

There are two days marked forever in my mind. On both days, I’ll never forget what I was wearing, how the weather felt outside, what I ate (all three meals), and most importantly, how my heart was feeling. My husband and I have now experienced the beauty of adoption twice. God led us to domestic adoption through a Christian agency we adore. Our boys were newborns and we had the great privilege of meeting them on their birthdays. Both of their birthmothers heroically chose life over abortion. These two different days have changed my life.

With our first son, Cooper, we flew out of state to meet him. Our second son, Able, was born in the same state we live in. They have their own adoption stories but one God who orchestrated both.

I’ve seen God move in miraculous ways through our adopted boys. Cooper and Able were woven into our family and we cannot imagine what our life would look like if we chose not to adopt. I do know I wouldn’t know the feeling of uncomfortably stepping out in faith when God called us to take this step of obedience.

We get asked a lot of questions about adoption and I’ll never forget how fearful I was before becoming an adoptive parent. Was the adoption process hard? Yes. Did it cost us uncomfortable moments—spiritually and financially? Of course. Were we fearful about connecting with our boys as parents? Absolutely. Is the adoption journey worth the tears and endless paperwork? Oh yes.

Recently I’ve been burdened for the many other orphans in need of forever homes—more innocent children who desire to be loved and secure. My boys are not the only ones who need homes.

There are more adoption stories to be told. 

Adoption occurs because of some sort of brokenness. Regardless of the circumstance, every child deserves to have a family. I can hardly dwell on where my boys would be if we didn’t accept the call. Would they have been safe, have changed diapers or been rocked to sleep every night? Would they even know the meaning behind the words “Mommy” and “Daddy”?

There are more adoption stories to be told.  

I love the moments of teaching our children new things as they grow. I love when babies learn to start walking with their cute baby legs. Many orphans are delayed in milestones because they haven’t been taught. Who is going to sit down with these precious children and show them how to do everyday tasks so they can function well in life?

There are more adoption stories to be told. 

All throughout the New Testament, I love how Jesus asks us to have childlike faith. Have you ever wondered why He desires this for us? I believe His heart is for believers to know the security and love of Him as Father.  And when we know Him in that way, we are able to show these children what love and security really is.

There are more adoption stories to be told. 

We who know Christ understand adoption. We are called in James 1:27 to care for the orphans. Who is going to teach these precious children about Jesus if we don’t? Every child deserves to be in a home that proclaims God’s Truth from His Word.  As those who have been adopted, we can tell these children about the long awaited return of Jesus coming back for all of His children. Why? Because there will be a forever home for those who believe in Him. The big adoption story is coming!

Katie Reno


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