by Brigitte Harrison

Movement Matters

Exercise. For me, it is an outlet, a break from the day and a way to relieve stress. Occasionally I get to hang out with friends too. It is a way to engage my mind and my body; a way to physically work hard.

Now, before I lose you, I realize not everyone loves to exercise. Even as a fitness professional, I can honestly say I have those days too. Some days it’s just a need, not really a want, so stay with me! I do understand.

A few years ago, this love for fitness became my career. Teaching group fitness is definitely my calling. I get completely energized by the people in my class. I also work with small groups and individuals. I love guiding people in their health journies, watching them get stronger and achieve goals.

Like you, I am a mom. I have a family, personal goals, and a job to juggle.

Before our son Cade came along, fitting exercise into my schedule was a lot easier. If I wanted to go for a run, I did. If I wanted to go to the gym, I did. If I wanted to workout late, early, or at lunchtime, I did!

Once Cade was part of the family and I was a stay at home mom, things were quite different. My schedule was not my own. I had to plan around nap time, feedings, and sickness.

Can you relate?

As a mom I want to take care of myself, but my priorities have shifted to accommodate the needs of my family. My schedule now revolves around getting to school before the tardy bell, soccer practice, play dates, and early bedtimes.

So the question is, “How do we take care of ourselves when we have so much going on?”

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. You need to do what works for you, but I am going to give you a few ideas to be smart with your day, to make it fun, and to stay committed!

First, think about what you enjoy doing.

  • If your athletic days are behind you, ignite that fire once again! (swim, play basketball, jog, etc.)
  • If you are a social butterfly, ask a girlfriend to walk with you during the week.
  • If you travel a lot, make use of the hotel fitness facilities.
  • If you enjoy music, get some headphones and create a fun playlist.

Second, plan when you are going to work out.

We all know if we don’t block out time, certain tasks won’t get done. This is definitely one of those tasks. Consider your situation. Do you have small kids at home? Do your kids go to school? Does your family sleep in?

  • Put your workout on your calendar like you would a dentist appointment.
  • If you are exercising at home, you may need to get it done before the rest of the family is awake. Nap time is also a good time to consider.
  • If you belong to a gym, check out their class schedule and call a friend to go with you. Bonus: you can put the kids in childcare AND get a shower without interruptions!

Third, you need accountability.

Have someone who knows the schedule you have set and is looking for you to show up. This person will also be able to celebrate achieved goals with you.

With all of this in mind, I want to invite you to be part of the first Missional Motherhood “Movement Matters” 5-Day Challenge group!

Here are the details:

  • Start date: Monday, March 16th
  • End date: Friday, March 20th
  • Challenge: 30 minutes of movement every day (walk the dog, bike with your family—any activity you choose!)
  • Bonus: Make water a priority! You must hydrate for all of the work your body is going to do. (Goal: approximately 64 ounces each day)
  • Extra Bonus: Accountability and encouragement each day from me!
  • Note: This challenge will take place in a private Facebook group.

Ladies, I hope you will choose to be a part of this 5-day adventure! No matter where you are in your health journey, you can join us. Post below in the comments so I can get you connected with our group!

Brigitte Harrison

*Make sure to leave a comment below in order to be added to the Facebook 5-Day Challenge group!

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