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While every part of me wants to hang on to summer, our family is officially back to school today. The return of school brings the return of many of our school year activities and sports.  Kid’s activities and sports get a bad wrap for taking over family schedules and ruining everything from dinner to sleep schedules, but I have to admit, I love watching my kids try their hand at a new sport, grow deeper in their faith in Bible studies, and see their impact on the world through volunteering.  I know God has crafted and created them uniquely, and I love seeing different aspects of their gifts and character grow as they experience new things.

As I have been preparing our fall calendar, trying to keep the reigns on both our schedule and budget, I have heard the Lord whisper to me,What about you, daughter?” 

What about me Father?

I once heard a pastor speak about God’s love for His children by saying, “If God had a wallet, He’d carry your picture in it.”  I just love that.  In the busy season of motherhood it is easy to forget that we are also beloved daughters.  Our Heavenly Father delights in seeing us grow and use those gifts He uniquely weaved into the fiber of each one of us.

God whispers to me, “What about you daughter,” because He loves me. He cares about my soul, heart and body being fed and strengthened and challenged just as much I care about those things for my daughters.  No, that’s not correct.  He cares about it more, because His love is so much greater.

So as I worked out our fall schedule and budget, I factored me in for the first time in many years.  I asked God to show me where I need to be in this next season. He was clear, “Go and be a student of the Word.”  So, after 10+ years of being the person who organizes and leads programs and studies, I have signed up to attend one.  I am attending a weekly bible study at a church I respect, but have never attended.  I am going as a student.  I know my Father is proud and excited, and has something planned for me through this study.  I imagine that if God had a group text of besties, like I do, He would have sent out, “She did it! She’s all signed up and registered!”  Oh, He loves me.

Our heavenly Father loves you too.  My sisters, you are His beloved daughters.  He has good plans and blessings just for you.  He doesn’t want you to miss them.   So as you plan out your fall, scheduling your family, work, activities, and budget, do not leave yourself out.  Lay your calendar before the Lord and ask him for advice. 

“My precious Father, where do you want me to grow in this season?”

“You were born to lead, be brave and say yes when asked.”

“Join Julie for that study she invited you to, and learn more about me.”

“Jesus, how do you want me to love like you in this season?”

“Keep your calendar open so you can be ready to love those I will send.”

“It is time to love yourself, go and work weekly with a counselor.”

“Lord God what do you want me to learn in this season?”

“I want you to learn to love me like a child, volunteer with Awana.”

“I want you to learn to be brave with your gifts, sing with the Worship team.”

Listen to your Heavenly Father, saying both no and yes to opportunities as He leads. (Saying no to most things is required if you want to say yes to the right thing.) Placing your growth and needs into the family calendar and budget will both glorify God through your obedience, and show your children that growing, learning, and trying new things never ends.  We can learn about our God, and use the gifts He gave us in new ways throughout our lives.  What a glorious lesson to teach our children this school year.

Wendy Anderson Schulz


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