by Michele Cable


While planning for our upcoming school year, I became overwhelmed at the educational, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of four children. Creating our daily schedule caused me to long for the days when I could sit, read books, and play without thinking about a science lesson or basketball practice. I wanted to push a pause button. But that made me think. I don’t really wish to stop time, do I? I don’t wish for my 11-year-old to be 3 again, nor do I wish for my 3-year-old to never be 11. What was I really longing for? To know that today is sufficient, and that I am enough.

When I’ve managed to burn an entire loaf of cinnamon toast at breakfast and realize there isn’t any more bread for lunch, am I enough?

When the to do list at the end of the day is still longer than my accomplishments, am I enough?

When all four children are irritated, crying or bickering at once, am I enough?

When my kids are struggling because this world is just hard, am I enough?

I am a flawed wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher and friend. Am I really enough?

I may not be enough, but Jesus is more than enough. 

The All-Sufficient One was with me on the floor reading books a decade ago. He is with me today in the throes of discipline and Math lessons. In the midst of the schedules and the crazy, I am enough because He is enough.

Because I know that He has called me today, then today is enough.

What does it look like when we live confident that today is sufficient?

We look for the inconsequential moments and grab them. We look at the list of things to do and intentionally cross off the items that can wait for another day. We ask, “Why are we doing this?” then decide if it needs to be done at all. We refuse to beat ourselves up over what we got wrong today, and rejoice over all we got right. We remind ourselves that He sees the big picture, and it’s going to be a really great one!

What does it look like when we live confident that, in Christ, we are enough?

We battle against the self-inflicted pressure to be “that” Mom, and embrace the Mom God created us to be individually. We reject the picture of “perfect” homes, marriages, and children, and resolve to allow God to build the home He planned for our family. Because “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain” Psalm 127:1. We stop trying to be who we are not, because it keeps us from what He has planned—our unique, specially designed purpose for such a time as this. We let go of our ideal, and grab ahold of reality. We determine to believe that our God is the ALL Sufficient One, and we are not. We determine to lay our heads on our pillows at night believing to our very core that He is able! He is able to fix what became broken. He is able to mend the hurt. He is able to strengthen the weak. He is able to fill any and every gap that was left behind. He is able, willing, and committed to make everything beautiful (Ecc 3:11). He is able, and we are not.

We recently had a few hectic, fast-paced days. My husband worked 21 days straight followed by us dividing, conquering, and missing each other in the process. Our children were being juggled and requiring more discipline. My heart was feeling it! One evening I pressed “pause.” We finished dinner right at bedtime, but declared it a movie night. We crossed baths off the list too. (It’s ok! They weren’t that dirty!) We got into our pajamas, grabbed the quilts, and turned on the movie. I let go of the routine, grabbed ahold of the moment, and held on for a little longer. Enough.

For just this year, we canceled piano and dance lessons. Enough.

I said “no” to the Bible study on Monday nights (gasp!). Enough.

I embrace the piles of laundry waiting to be folded because I would rather be painting my daughters finger nails. Enough.

I make turkey sandwiches for dinner when I lose track of time playing basketball with my boys instead of cooking. Enough.

I am content to let Facebook stay deleted. Enough.

I am being intentional to smile more at my children when I feel like crying. Enough.

I drop everything when they are curled on the couch watching a cartoon just before bed, and I get in the middle! Enough.

I linger more at bedtime. Enough.

I believe that where I am lacking, He will fill. He is enough.

For me, it isn’t about wanting to pause time. It’s about learning to rest in the “enough” of today. It’s about learning to trust God with what He has given. It’s asking Him to open my eyes to see the moments to grab and then doing it. I don’t need a button to push; I just need the wisdom to see the enough.

He is sufficient for you and me. He is sufficient for your children, family and the schedule you juggle. Ask Him to show you what needs to stay, what needs to go, and the moments you need to grab. He will always give you and yours enough.

If you are a daughter of the King, then you are enough. Tonight, when your day finally comes to an end, rest well. Your God has got it. “The One who calls you is faithful and He will do it!” 1 Thessalonians 5:24

Michelle Cable

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