Embracing a Quiet Life

Embracing a Quiet Life

By Laura In the hills of Tennessee, where the river winds along, there’s a county so small that you’d never know it existed, unless you belonged to it.  There are old farm houses surrounded by hills of green grass, where cows graze. In springtime, daffodils grow wild...

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Helping Our Children Avoid Identity Crisis

By Lindsey Wingo “Beautiful girl, take care of yourself. No one else knows what your soul needs.” “Sometimes you have to follow your heart, no matter the consequences.” “When you’re filled with self-love you make better choices.” What is your first response to reading...

Contentment: Is it really possible?

By Katie Reno Contentment. I want to invite you to dwell today on this powerful yet subtle word. Contentment is defined as peaceful satisfaction. Let’s go ahead and talk turkey. Have you ever met someone truly content in life? I have yet to meet anyone experiencing...

Fighting Fear

By Bethany Golding “I see the gestation sack and the fetal pole but no heart beat. Don’t worry, it’s just too early to tell. Let’s make an appointment for you next week, and I’m sure we’ll be able to see it then.” “Don’t worry.” Two words that you can tell a brand new...

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