By Leslie Hollowell

I’ve started this blog post on several occasions with a few other attempts at different topics. I had planned to write about mentoring at one point, which I pray will happen at another time. Another attempt was to write about “what not to wear”- this would not have been a modesty blog post 🙂 – but what Scripture says about throwing off things that hinder us… Again, I hope I am able write that one day also. But, today as I sit down to write, I truly feel like the Lord continues to direct me to write on the topic of Just Being Faithful.

We live in a world that so often challenges us to “be better, be thinner, be smarter, be famous, be rich, or to just be something.” Honestly, there is nothing wrong with being these things, but when you dive into Scripture to see what God requires of us, those things are not listed as things Our Father tells us to be. The world urges us to be “more” of so many things, and yet the Lord longs for us to Just Be Faithful.

Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.
Psalm 37:3 (NASB)

The word cultivate means to grow and as we trust in the Lord… we will grow in faithfulness.

Over the years, I feel faithfulness is an area the Lord has had to teach and reteach me. I long to be faithful (loyal, steadfast, and devoted) in the place that He has me, but so often I have  found myself looking at other people and where they were or what they were doing and I would try to speed up that season that I was in. Even today, it is still a struggle as I try to open my own doors, or make something happen on my own that is my desire and yet, maybe not the Lord’s timing. The Lord so often has to call me back to the place that He has me in that moment and gently nudge my heart to, “Just Be Faithful. Be faithful where I’ve placed you and trust Me.”

Back in my season of singleness, my frustration and loneliness would often take over and I would pine over my situation. Yet, I’m so thankful that through His Word, He would always remind me to Just Be Faithful and trust Him. I longed to be married with a family, but He had a purpose in that season of life and needed me to remain faithful where I was and to trust and love and serve Him regardless of my situation.

Then in my season of marriage and infertility, when again the longing of my heart to be a mommy often paralyzed me, through His Word, He continued to remind me to Just Be Faithful – Be faithful to seek Him, faithful to serve, and faithful to lay my burdens at His feet, because He is Faithful.

For the Word of the Lord is right and true; He is faithful in all He does.
Psalm 33:4

In reality, being faithful is just being “full of faith.” Faith that He is working. Faith that He is trustworthy. Faith that He knows the plans He has for us without us having to speed up the situation or take circumstances into our own! (That didn’t necessarily work out so great for Sarah and Abraham 🙂 )

In all of my longings for something more in my life, He consistently reminds me that He is so much more than I need.

In all of my longings for something more in my life, He consistently reminds me that He is so much more than I need and that He is cultivating a trust in Him that would forever be needed and a faithfulness to stand in a world that urges us to walk in fear and not in faith.

So mommas, I pray that you and I can learn to be Be Faithful in our daily moments – the moments that seem mundane and unimportant, the moments that we wonder are we making a difference in this world.

I often wonder how Joseph felt as he sat in prison… Did he wonder if he was making a difference in the world? Did he fear the unknown? I don’t know how he felt, but I do know that he continued to Be Faithful to the Lord despite his circumstances, and in those moments of uncertainty, the Lord was cultivating a strong faith and a strong leader.

Let Love and faithfulness never leave you. Bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.
Proverbs 3:3

My prayer for all of us is that we will seek to Just Be Faithful in our everyday moments. That love and faithfulness will be bound around our necks and written on the tablets of our hearts, and that in the moments that are hard and uncertain and fearful, we will seek to look to our Father and Just Be Faithful.

Just be Faithful to love Him.

Just be Faithful to trust Him.

Just be Faithful to seek Him.

Just be Faithful to serve Him.


Leslie Hollowell

Leslie is an Alabama girl who now lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her husband, Ronnie, and their son, Hudson. Leslie considers being a wife and mommy the best job ever having married her husband at 38-years-old and birthing their son at 42-years-old. She is a former elementary school teacher and eventually made her way toward full-time Christian ministry as a girls ministry leader in her church. She is the founder of Beyond the Eye Girls Ministry and travels to speak to local churches leading one-day girls’ conferences. She has a heart for discipleship, mentoring, teaching, and encouraging young women to follow after God with all their hearts.

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