By Amy Wootton

Money is kind of a big deal. Of course we know it is not the goal in life, nor does it bring us lasting fulfillment, but it sure is vital for living in this world. Handling money wisely can bring great change and freedom. Money also, if not handled correctly, can bring about hardships and problems. Since money has that much weight in either doing good or causing great destruction, I think we as parents need to devote more time teaching our kids how to handle it God’s way. These little babies running around in their underwear will one day have a job, a bank account and a mortgage. I want to teach mine what to do with the green stuff so that money is a blessing in their life and not a curse.

We need to teach our kids to tithe: Malachi 3:10

My parents raised me to tithe. It was a lesson taught to me at a young age. I grew up learning that tithing was a command, not a suggestion. I grew up learning that God has great blessings (in many areas) when we obey Him. I have seen first hand the benefits and the joy that comes from tithing. And although my girls are far from learning about percentages, as we teach them to give God the first ten percent, they see the physical act of putting God first as we set aside those ‘two quarters’ for Jesus.

Obeying God will always pay off! Teach your kids the importance of tithing. You wont regret it!

We need to show our kids that we pay our bills and pay off debt: Psalm 37:21

Our kids need to grow up knowing that we pay our bills on time, and that we make decisions to chisel away at debt. When we do this, we are modeling before them how to be responsible and steer clear of financial issues. The world is going to teach your kids “no problem, just put it on the card” or “everyone has debt, what’s wrong with a little more”. They need to understand that as believers, we make a choice to chip away at debt and be diligent with paying our bills. At the same time, they don’t need to see the stress that debt can often hold. But they can be part of the victories as you mark off another debt from the list.

Start instilling in your kids the correct attitude and appreciation of money. They will see the thrill and feel the freedom of working toward living a debt free life!

We need to teach our kids to save for the future: Proverbs 21:5

I read that “every twelve minutes, advertisers try to convince us that contentment isn’t possible without their particular brand or product.” Right now, the world is teaching our kids to spend, spend, spend. They are being taught ‘If you want it, go get it now!’

We need to be wise enough to teach our kids that just because they want something doesn’t mean they buy it. There are so many benefits to learning how to save and be content. Are we modeling that for our children? I realize they most likely aren’t saving up for something monumental, but it is the principle of saving that is important to ingrain in their minds.

As parents we need to lovingly, not forcefully, walk beside them to make choices so they can watch their money grow, even if it is in coins.

We need to be generous and let our kids be a part of it : Luke 6:38

There is nothing like being generous. The verse, ’It’s better to give then to receive’ (Acts 20:35) is so true. Here is the cool thing, when we are generous with others, greed flies out the window. The two can’t go hand in hand. Let your kids be a part of your giving. Whenever you can, let them see you baking a treat for a neighbor, bringing food to someone who is struggling, tipping well at a restaurant, giving above and beyond to a ministry, or helping a family in need. When we are wise with our money, we have the privilege and ability to be generous! We need to live our faith out loud before our kids and trust me, it will be contagious! They will want to get in on the fun!

Always let them know, we are generous with others because we want to share the love of Jesus!


We need to enjoy life with our kids: 2 Peter 1:3

Finally, enjoy life. We never want to teach our kids to be misers! We want to teach them to be wise. God has given us a beautiful world with beautiful people. We are to delight in it! Make sure you enjoy life and make memories with your kids. If you want to go on vacation, start saving and planning. The anticipation will be half the fun! And don’t think everything fun has to cost a lot of money. Build a life for your family that is full of memories and laughter.

We only have these babies for a little while. Let’s teach them how to do this right, so they can do big things for the Kingdom and succeed in life.

Amy Wootton

Amy is married to Jared Wootton. They have two precious little ladies, Gable Claire and Layla. Jared is a talented chiropractor in Cordova TN, and Amy stays home with the girls. Together, they are a part of the worship team at their local church. Amy absolutely loves to teach the Word of God with simplicity and conviction. As a mom, she is serious about pouring the Truth into her children, and also throwing some manners in there as well.  Amy’s desire is that her children will follow after the Lord wholeheartedly, and that God uses her to impact this world for His Kingdom!

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