by Lindsey Wingo

It is officially that time of year again! Christmas is on the horizon and, if you are like me, you may or may not be prepared for it! After my experience last Christmas, I am determined to approach this December with joy, gratitude, and a healthy dose of realistic expectations. 😉

I do love the excitement and sweet traditions Christmas brings, though. And this year, our family is starting a brand new tradition I wanted to share with each of you!


The Shepherd’s Treasure is a faith-based alternative to the Elf Tradition. During the month of December, children follow their Shepherd on a fun, interactive treasure hunt to find the true meaning of Christmas. On Christmas morning, they find their Shepherd kneeling before the greatest treasure of all time: JESUS! This is a great new family tradition that we hope will teach little ones to truly seek Jesus both during the Christmas season and after it’s over!”

When we were contacted recently about sharing “The Shepherd’s Treasure” with our readers and trying it out for ourselves, we were thrilled to jump at the opportunity! The following is a brief word from Stephanie Parker, the mom behind the whole idea:



I thought I’d take a moment to share a little of my heart with you and explain why I decided to write this book, “The Shepherd’s Treasure,” in the first place! My husband and I own the company We were featured on Shark Tank for a product called the Zipade-Zip that I created for our little girl when she wasn’t sleeping well at night. God has truly blessed that business more than we could have imagined, for which we are incredibly grateful!


My heart’s prayer has always been to do what I can to give God glory through our business, because without Him, none of it would have been possible.


So where does the Shepherd come in? Well, last year, I did the Elf on the Shelf tradition with my kids. Although this tradition might be a wonderful fit for a lot of families, I really struggled with it as it took their focus off of Jesus and turned it towards the presents they were going to be getting IF they were good when the elf was watching them. I found myself un-explaining the Elf’s presence in our home because of how hard it became to refocus our children’s minds on the TRUE meaning of the season and on giving instead of receiving.


I remember praying about how I could instill the truth of Jesus in the hearts of my little ones AND how we could use the business God had given us to also be a light for other families.


We had managed to affect little ones’ sleep with the Zipadee-Zip but I wanted to find a way to touch their HEARTS. That is when I felt like The Shepherd’s Treasure book was laid on my heart. And when I say it was ‘laid on my heart’, it was like God had attached 100lbs weights to it until I actually made it happen!


I felt so called to be obedient to God and write this but I felt like I TOTALLY lacked the skills to do it! I had never dreamed or desired to write a book in my life! BUT I did want to honor Jesus. It’s amazing how things just fall into place when our hearts are in the right place! I’m so humbled by this whole process as I’ve watched God’s hand in it all! I’m thankful to play a very small part in His bigger plan!”

This past week my family received our Shepherd’s Treasure doll and book set along with the advent cards to use each day leading up to Christmas.


One of the things I love about this set is the scripture cards that are included with the dolls and book. There is even a detailed list of ideas for what your little shepherd could be doing each day to coordinate with that day’s advent card. I decided a while ago that I do much better with these sorts of things when the work is pretty much laid out for me, and there is very little prep work on my part! This fits the bill.


I love the sweet story Stephanie wrote to go along with the little Shepherd. It all points to the most important gift of all and the true meaning of Christmas—Jesus! The following images are of the note from the Shepherd that comes after the story in the book.



We can’t wait to journey with our shepherd! (The girls are still deciding on a name but are leaning toward either “Shep” or “Staffy” 😉 )


And that’s not all! Stephanie has graciously offered to give one of our readers their own Shepherd’s Treasure box set just in time for December! See below for giveaway details. A winner will be chosen Tuesday night, November 22. Be on the lookout on Facebook and Instagram for the announcement of the winner! And be sure to use PROMO CODE: HEAVENLY to receive a discount on the purchase of your own Shepherd’s Treasure adventure!

Here’s how to enter:

Giveaway Closed 11/22/16. Winner ~ Kacie Wilbur 🙂 

Giveaway Details

  • Like AND share The Shepherd’s Treasure Facebook page.
  • Comment below THIS post with what you are most excited about this Christmas.
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  • A winner will be chosen Tuesday night, November 22 in order to give the winner time to receive their gift!
  • Be on the lookout on Facebook and Instagram for the announcement of the winner as well as a promo code for our readers to enjoy a discount on orders of The Shepherd’s Treasure.

*We do not receive compensation for any orders of The Shepherd’s Treasure. While we did receive a free gift set to use and review, the opinions of this post are honest and unbiased. We simply want to provide you information about helpful resources to use with your own families!

Lindsey Wingo


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