By Katie Fruge

I have been thinking about stories a lot lately.

I love a good story.

I mean, really, who doesn’t? Stories are an intricate part of who we are as humans. Stories connect us with our past. It gives us hope for our future. Stories remind us that we are not isolated individuals floating through life. Stories help draw us into a narrative bigger than ourselves as we become a collective part of something much bigger and hopeful. As Christians, our stories are essential to our past, present, and future. We tell the story of the God Who told us His name. Who lovingly cared for His people, and when the time was right, He came to earth to forever redeem and restore. He will one day come again to make all things new.  It is the greatest story ever told.

Stories can be a source of encouragement and hope. We tend to resonate with stories that remind us that regardless of the circumstances, normal, ordinary people can prevail and do great things. They help guide us, can protect us, and serve as Ebenezer reminding us of all that God has done.

Over the last several months I have felt an almost overwhelming sense of unease. Unease about culture, my family, my health, my future. It felt all-encompassing and I struggled as I aimlessly tried to navigate the difficult waters of my season.

Then one day, in true form, God reminded me: “look to the Scriptures. I have been there with your sisters. I will be there with you.”  The Bible is overflowing with story after story, showing that we have a rich heritage of God working, restoring, healing, utilizing, stories of every day women. My sisters in Christ. Women who were used by God in mighty ways. Their stories became my comfort. They have become a collective anchor reminding me that God is my constant and faithful source for all I could ever need.

Their stories remind me of truths I need daily.

Eve’s story reminds to take comfort in the midst of my failures. Nothing is beyond God’s redemption and restoration.

Sarah’s story reminds me to not underestimate my value or usefulness to God: God can use the most unlikely of all to establish His plans and purposes.

Deborah’s story reminds me that my voice can be an agent of change, to bravely speak truth and share God’s direction with others.

Rehab’s story reminds me that my legacy is not tied to my profession. Authentically living out my faith will have a much longer and impactful imprint on others.

Ruth’s story reminds me that even when everything seems to crash, and I think my future looks bleak or hopeless, God is able to restore abundantly more than I could expect.

Esther’s story reminds that a single act of courage can change hearts and minds.

Mary’s story reminds me not to fear the judgment of others in the face of the seemingly impossible, but for my first response to God’s leading always be, “behold, the servant of the Lord.”

Mary’s story reminds me not to be distracted by non-essential issues, to keep my mind and attention focused at the feet of Jesus.

Pricilla’s story reminds me that my family does not take away from my ministry, they enhance it as we labor together for God’s purpose.

Lois and Eunice’s story reminds me not to take lightly or pass over my role in raising my children. I am capable of imparting this precious faith to my children so that one day God may use them for His kingdom purposes.

These women have much more to their story than just what I noted. And there are scores of other women we could share how their story imparts truth to us. For today, I’m thankful for the lesson these women in particular have shared with me. Their stories point me to Christ in a deeply personal and impactful way.

These are our sisters in Christ. Their legacy is one that we all get to be a part of. What are some of your favorite stories of the Bible? What do they teach you about God?

Katie Frugé

Katie Frugé lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and their two small daughters. As a student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, she loves connecting the truth she's learning in the classroom with the realities of being a wife and mom. Katie spends her time nurturing her daughters by day and discussing (or maybe debating!) theology with her husband by night. She loves a good cup of coffee, a good run, and a good musical. Feel free to connect with Katie via twitter (@KFruge) or email,

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